Weary Space Wanderer is spreading improvisational, Appalachian-jam over the made-from-scratch material of singer-songwriter Kevin Hamric. Taking the stories built on an acoustic guitar and shaping them into mind-bending trips of Americana and roots-rock exploration, Weary Space Wanderer is nothing short of an eclectic ride into what modern mountain music can be.

Weary Space Wanderer is Kevin Hamric with support from Chis Baker, Jim Bidwell, Mike Arbogast, Todd Stubblefield, and Nicholas Filippelli.

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01.05.19 / 8PM / 123 Pleasant Street / Morgantown, WV

01.11.19 / 6:30PM / BLACK BEAR DOWNTOWN / Morgantown, WV

01.23.19 / 6:30PM / Black Bear Evansdale / Morgantown, WV**

02.02.19 / 6PM / White Grass Cafe / Davis, WV**

02.13.19 / 6:30PM / Black Bear Evansdale / Morgantown, WV**

02.22.19 / 6:30PM / BLACK BEAR DOWNTOWN / Morgantown, WV

03.04.19 / 8PM / Morgantown Sound / Morgantown, WV

03.12.19 / 6:30PM / Black Bear Evansdale / Morgantown, WV*

03.29.19 / 6PM / Short Story Brewing / Rivesville, WV**

04.27.19 / 12PM / The Handcrafted Cooperative / Morgantown, WV

05.11.19 / 1PM / The Purple Fiddle / Thomas, WV*

05.12.19 / 1PM / The Purple Fiddle / Thomas, WV*

* solo show
** acoustic duo show


OUT NOW! Listen to Notwithstanding (From Try Catch Studio Sessions) single on Amazon Music, Apple Music/iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or your favorite online music platform today!

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Seasons To Change lyric video... out there on YouTube. Give a view and share.

Weary Space Wanderer debut studio E.P. available on major digital music outlets! Amazon Music, Google PlayiTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Check your favorite for availability today.

Live in the studio at the Try Catch Sessions - Check out the performance of the song "Troubadour’s Advice" live in the studio at the Try Catch Sessions.

12.7.16 --- Selection of Confections: Live at MoonShadow Cafe available for online streaming and downloads (name your own price) here:

The official physical copies contain a bonus track, so come hang out with us at a show and pick up CD.

Selection of Confections